I really hate that watching TV is associated with being lazy and boring while reading books is associated with being smart and profound. Both are really great ways of telling stories and if you find a story that moves you, whether it’s a 900 page novel, a tv show, a film, a comic, or a sentence engraved on a slice of bread IT IS WORTHY OF YOUR TIME!

I’m reblogging this until I can manage to break the post!

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(For pepegb)

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Blood Lake, West Texas

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everyone has seen dicks they didn’t want to see

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·what i love about this isn’t that she hits him ·or that she catches him off guard and manages to defend herself or any of that ·what i really love about this is that it would be so easy ·to play this scene as funny ·because we know that buffy has inhuman strength and that this guy’s gonna get his butt handed to him ·and that could be funny ·and completely ruin the seriousness of the fact that he’s trying to rape her ·he clearly doesn’t see it that way ·but obviously from his actions he’s not overly concerned with what she wants so ·but anyway if you look at her face in the last one ·that isn’t a triumphant ‘haha you thought i was a weak girl when really i can beat you up’ ·that’s a ‘you sicken me because if it were anyone else with you in this car what would you have done to her?’ ·and because it’s buffy ·who’s used to defending herself against much stronger people ·of course she’s able to fight back·but really ·if it had been anyone else ·even someone like cordelia ·how would that have turned out? ·and that’s the expression i read on her face here ·she’s looking at him and thinking about what he would have done to some other girl ·and i just·love this show ·okay ·strong like an amazon

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Nine and Moriarty dressed as John Lennon and Paul McCartney, everybody go home.



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